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Logo to be used in different materials

Some printing logo materials are-

  • Logo printing on soft cotton
  • t-shirts, hoodies, etc.
  • Logo printing on mugs and other ceramics.
  • Logo printing on rigid fabric
  • baseball caps, tote bags etc.
  • Logo printing on thin paper
  • Stationery, Tissue paper, Wrapping paper, Flyers, Art prints, Posters, Paper bags etc.
  • Logo printing on thick paper
  • product label tags, Cardboard boxes, Product packaging, Postcards, Magazine covers, Business cards etc.
  • Logo printing on hard plastic
  • Think pens, flash/thumb drives, frisbees, travel mugs, water bottles, cafeteria trays, etc.
  • Logo printing on metal
  • Think of decorative metal signs, stainless steel cups, travel mugs, and branded jewelry.

 Here is a list of common visual assets where the logo can also be added:

  • Business cards, letterheads, and envelopes.
  • Website social media or blog headers and posts.
  • Email and newsletter headers, newspaper, etc.
  • Company car side magnet.
  • Flyers, stickers, posters, and other printed materials, etc.
  • Merch: shirts, pins, hats, pens, totes, etc.

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